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Wounded Soldier Rights and Recommended Assistance:

Portal of information for wounded soldiers:

These portals provides information on the following needs: Medical advice, legal advice, advice about insurance, acquiring a car that suits medical needs, information on rights, different medical services, tax rights, transport rights, rights of family members, information about higher education, & various discounts.נכי_צה%22ל

Soldiers rights when injured:

This site provides information on: being admitted into hospital- calling an ambulance, and discounts on hospital parkingחיילים_וחיילות_בשירות_חובה_(צה%22ל)

The law about being wounded during service:חוק_הנכים_(תגמולים_ושיקום)

Wounded soldier services:

This service includes: The law about being wounded during service, how to become recognized as wounded by MOD, how to obtain your correct percentage level, wounded soldiers rights depending on their percentage level.פגיעה-במהלך-השירות-הצבאי/


Rehab centers:

Tel Hashomer-Sheba, Ramat Gan- contact information:צור_קשר

Beit Levenstein, 278 Ahuza, Raanana-

Beit Halochem, located in every major city-


Alternative treatments:

This service provides information of various alternative therapies that can help a wounded soldier through their rehabilitation. Services include, art, music, or drama therapies amongst other things. There is a directory of therapists to choose from located in different areas of the country.מטפלים?tag=7

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